LIDL – US Launch

About This Project

Lee-dul. Liddle. Ly-dull. Now matter how you say it, what a treat it was when Lidl came to us prior to their US Launch. Lidl is not your cookie-cutter grocery store. Like us, customer satisfaction is at the top. And we’ve come to be close compatriots when it comes to creative. From marketing to social and digital, there’s a whole swath of savvy going into each campaign. Fogomotion’s team-oriented approach is in full gear, prepping food & product shoots, balancing store opens and animation announcements. And it doesn’t hurt when you get samples from the bakery!

Client: LIDL
Creative Director: Jeff Strong
Production Manager: AnChi Laster
DOP: Dave Gorrie
Photography: Nick Karlin
Photography: John Rolewicz
Art Director: Garth Superville
Edit/Design: John Rolewicz
Edit: Daniel McNeill
Edit: Drew Brody
Edit: Rich Winkler
Producer: James Introcaso
Producer: Carolyn Baughman
Audio: Richard Humphries